Spring Breaks You Might NOT Want

  • You break into a green Easter Egg and realize it was not hard boiled!
  • Little Johnny’s broken leg from that first jump on that new trampoline that you didn’t want Daddy to buy!
  • Spring break camping with your grandparents who both smells like mothballs and snore!
  • Coming down with Mono AND Chicken Pox the day before you leave.
  • On the road with your favorite girl for a spring break to Florida and you get a flat tire, no spare, it’s raining, luggage falls in a mud puddle, and the police stops to check on you and he finds a bag of weed in the back seat.
  • My friends went to Jamin’ Leather for spring break and I got nothing but a lousy Bike Week t-shirt from 2001.
  • Went to Myrtle Beach for spring break and ended up on an episode of Myrtle Manor!

Think Spring Colors!

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