Don’t spend Valentine’s Day in the doghouse. Get your loved one what they really want and lasts forever like leather. Here are some great reasons to keep leather in mind.

Why is Leather Better than a Box of Chocolates?

  • Carrying a pink heart shaped box into a biker bar will get you beat up.
  • Wearing leather in a biker bar might get you a free beer.
  • A box of chocolates could cause an accident while you’re picking the right one.
  • Leather doesn’t melt in your mouth OR your hands. [more]
  • A box of chocolates could be gone in less than 15 minutes.
  • Leather will protect your loved ones in an accident.
  • A box of chocolates can make you fat.
  • Leather can make you look slimmer (if you buy a smaller size).
  • Leather is chewier than caramel (and it lasts longer too).
  • Leather lasts forever.

Why is Leather Better than Flowers?

  • A nice bouquet of flowers will last about a week.
  • In a week, a month or a year the leather will still look the same.
  • Flowers don’t squeak when you move them.
  • Leather smells better.
  • Flowers can be thorny.
  • Chaps without pants can make you horny (ok, it’s corny).
  • A dozen roses will cost as much as a leather jacket that will last forever.
  • Your leather jacket would probably outlast your size.
  • Carrying a pretty bouquet of flowers into a biker bar will get you beat up.
  • Carrying a leather jacket into a biker bar will probably get stolen.

Everyone here at Jamin’ Leather says “Have a Happy and Safe Valentine’s Day!”