Leather Wench here. Your one and only source into Myrtle Beach’s leather world. It’s offically summer time and its time to ride! This is the season that you will see bikes all over the roads. You will see some barley wearing anything and bikers wearing all kinds of leather. The question is what do you ride in? I myself, tend to ride in tank tops and strapless shirts. (Hey this soon to be bride does not need any tan lines!) Wearing leather might get hot in these tempatures but it would be more protective than not wearing it. Ladies think about it, if you want to wear shorts wear them! Just put a nice pair of chaps over them and then your looking good and protected! Guys, I know some of you love to show off your muscles with muscle shirt. Do yourselves a favor a put a leather vest over it. A vest will keep the bugs and debris from passing vehicles off of you. Nothin says hello there ladies like dead bugs squished on your shirts. Be sure to check out all of our new summer inventory that will keep you protected.


Ladies if you want to ride and look hot, check out all of our halters and shorts! 🙂



What leather would you wear to look hot? Until next time…


Leather Wench