You can stuff a turkey, you can stuff a sausage or you can stuff your face, but nothing is as much fun as stuffing your stocking with leather.. We carry an extensive line of handcrafted leather items that you can’t find anywhere south of Santa’s workshop.

Jamin’ Leather has a great selection of stocking stuffers for everyone on your shopping list. Check out the featured products here. [more]

Stocking Stuffers for Him

  • Leather Wallets – He might not do it for himself, so replace his beat up old wallet before it completely disintegrates.
  • Leather Belts – We have a HUGE selection of leather belts including work belts and decorative belts for when he’s out on the town.
  • Leather Cases for Cell phone, iPhone or Android – I’m sure he spent plenty of money on that new phone. Don’t let him carry it around in a cheap looking fake leather case. Jamin’ Leather has a variety of unique cell phone cases in stock.
  • Leather Armbands – Proud and masculine is the look he will achieve with one of our leather armbands. We offer plain, chrome or studs depending on his level of testosterone.

Stocking Stuffers for Her

  • Leather Cigarette Case – Since she won’t be quitting soon we offer several styles of great looking cigarette cases that she is sure to love.
  • Leather Gloves –Women need good fitting leather gloves that don’t look so masculine. Check out the variety of ladies only gloves.
  • Clutch Wallets – One of our few popular leather-like items. This great looking clutch has multiple money and card slots and comes in several colors.
  • Leather Hair Barrettes – For that woman that rides or drives that motorcycle and needs to keep her hair from getting all tangled. She will truly be Jamin’ in one of our unique leather hair accessories.
  • Leather Wristband – She will adore one of our new beaded and concho leather wristbands. We have dozens of styles to choose from.