What a week it has been! This year’s MB/Grand Strand Area Spring Rally was as explosive as expected. We had record turnouts this spring that were comparable to the glory days of old.

This being my first rally, I didn’t have a clue what to expect. I can honestly say that I had a great time during the rally even though I was working! There were quite a few interesting people that I had the pleasure of talking to all week long. [more] What I found curious was that the persona of the typical biker was far different from what I had originally thought. Most of these people were business owners, lawyers, doctors, teachers, or just people that enjoy the feeling they get from riding a MC. I expected to see nothing but the rough and tough bikers, not friggen Mr. Rogers!

That’s not to say that there wasn’t anyone representing the MC Clubs. Surprisingly, those that I met were all very cordial and pleasant to talk to. Definitely a far cry from the stereotype that Sons of Anarchy has implanted in my mind. Also, they were all funny as hell! They would’ve made a great addition to the SC Bad Boys Comedy Show we had. Still, TJ Turner did a great job keeping the laughs going all through the week.

The Ms. Bike Rally contest did not fail to disappoint. There were a few ladies that probably should’ve stayed home that day, however, there were definitely some babes that made up for their shortcomings. That contest combined with the bikini bke wash kept the people glued in their seats with their tongues hanging out of their mouths!

This year’s Charity Auction was once again a huge success. Jamin’ Leather raised over $4,000 for the SC chapter of the American Red Cross. It was great seeing all the people out there willing to participate in the auction. Makes me realize that the world is still full of good people.

As I mentioned before, this was the first time I actually took part in a Spring Rally. I have no problem saying that I enjoyed myself thoroughly and look forward to the Fall Rally. I would like to hear some comments from those of you who were down here for the rally. What did you think? Was it a good time? Do you regret coming? Were you disgusted at the sight of some great looking boobs? Either way, feel free to let me know what your experience was like. Looking forward to your comments.


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