It’s sad to say it, but it’s time to put the Cow Van out to pasture. Jamin’ Leather will be retiring the ‘world famous’ Cow Van after 10+ years of dedicated service. [more]

A 17 foot long fiberglass cow sitting on top of a GMC van with cow spots and Jamin’ Leather logos, the Cow Van is definitely an eye catcher. In 2008, Jamin’ Leather tried to retire the Cow Van, but since there were no takers, Jamin’ Leather decided to freshen it up with some bodywork, touch ups, new engine, and many other parts.

Many have seen it; many have been photographed with it; few have ridden it; and some have even been squirted by it (by the udders). It always seemed to bring a smile or laugh to everyone who witnessed it. Created in 1999, the Cow Van was the incarnation of Jamin’ Jamie of Jamin’ Leather and Jack Mascione of Big Stuff Inc, one of the original owners of the Seafare Restaurant who owns the Lobster Van.

Regarding the sale of the van, Jamin’ Jamie commented, “I hate to let the van go… but, we are looking forward to using the proceeds from the sale of the van to do a more modern vehicle graphics wrap on our SUV for future marketing on the street.” Jamin’ Leather will be selling the van by the end of bike week to the highest bona-fide offer over $4000. Offers Inquiries will be taken at (843)-839-5255.