No purchase necessary. July is a time to show how HOT you look in your leather! This is a photo contest that everyone can participate as long as you have leather to wear. It doesn’t matter who you bought it from or how old it is, we want to see! I’m sure you have a great leather photo in your archives, as long as it’s not too old, like with puffy hair and shoulder pads or worse yet, sporting your best mullet (your Billy Ray Cyrus impression from the 80’s). If that’s all you got, take a new photo…please! 😉

GRAND PRIZE: $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE to JaminLeather.com

1st Prize – 20 winners – Not one but TWO (2) LEATHER BELTS for each 1st prize winners in the size or sizes you need. These specially selected belts are either for men or women. Simply tell us your size preference (ie: mens 38 and womens 32) and we will ship them right away!


Email your photo to:


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Text your photo to:

Either way, to complete your registration you will then be directed to a form to validate your registration.  So join us… we wanna see you in some leather! Please note that all photos submitted will be anonymously shared with our social network and web customers.

Thank you for shopping JaminLeather.com… Now Let’s Jam In Leather!

Yours Truly,

Jamin’ Jamie – Your Leather Specialist