The Spring Bike Rally is fast approaching. Unfortunately, when it arrives I doubt I’ll even notice it. The Rally used to be a great time full of fun people just looking to tip back a few beers and spend money. However, now it seems that those days are in the past. According to the mayor of MB, he feels that MB needs to change in order to become a more ‘family friendly’ environment. [more]
That is supposedly the underlying reason why MB is trying to get rid of the bikers. Their first attempt to rid themselves of the biker ‘menace’ occurred in 2008 when they tried to enact a helmet law. The law was overturned in June of 2010 after the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled it as invalid on the grounds that it is superceded by state law. Of course, they waited until after the rally was over that year to overturn the law. John Rhodes, the mayor of MB, went on to say ‘the decision wouldn’t change much and we’ve already made it clear we don’t support rallies and won’t support rallies.’ Well put Mr. Rhodes. Apparently, his idea of a ‘family friendly’ environment is a bit different from the general consensus of what it means to be ‘family friendly.’ I don’t know about you, but the first things I notice when I enter MB are the liquor stores, gun shops, and the 10+ strip clubs located around the MB area. The irony in this situation is too prevalent to ignore. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it is statistically proven that more issues arise with the Memorial Day Bike Rally as opposed to the Spring Rally. Don’t suppose anything else is needed to be said about that… Well, you’ve heard my feelings about the subject, what do you think? Do you really feel that this is just an effort to make MB a better environment for families? Or do you believe that this is just an excuse to banish the same bikers that have been contributing to the economic growth we see here in lovely MB every spring for the past 70 years?