Since we have such a knack at coming up with alter ego, it’s Leather Princess here. Or Queen B which ever you prefer. Use your imagination to figure out what the B stands for 😉

Today I will be talking about what Jamin Leather has to offer you for FREE. Yeah, you read that correctly; FREE. After a very busy holiday season, us Jamin Leather folks have decided to say thanks for all of our customers out there. So below are links to what we have for FREE.

Because who doesn’t love free shade. Being a princess, sometimes I have to protect my identity so I have at least 10 different pairs of sunglasses.

Suede vests! In a few different colors. Would look great with a plain tshirt. Time to dress it up and accessorize!

Skull caps. For that unsightly riding hair that you need to cover up. I may be a princess but even I’ll hop on the back of a bike any day of the week. Of course only when I’m not slaving away over leather. Excuseeee me Mr. Jamin do you know who I am???

Tata for now!