In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and “Read Across America” on March 2nd, we prepared our own version of Dr Jamin’ Seuss:

Jamin’ I Am

We like Jamin’ Leather, yes we do.
Do you like Jamin’ Leather in a box?
Would you, could you shop them in your socks?
Yes we like them in a box, wearing socks standing on some rocks.

Do you like Jamin’ Leather near or far?
We like Jamin’ Leather in a car.
Do you like Jamin’ here or there?
We like Jamin’ Leather everywhere.
We like Jamin’ Leather more than underwear!

Can you shop Jamin’ Leather on a train?
Can you shop them on a plane?
We can shop them on a train… or a plane… or even from Spain.
But we wouldn’t wear it in the rain.

Does Jamin’ Leather win praise for their staff?
You can count on them for a belly laugh.
They aim to help and seldom yelp,
And will fit you when you ask for help.

So come on in. by mouse, motor or ride.
You don’t have to hide or wait for low tide.
You are always welcome inside.
The lowest price anywhere is the rule we abide.

We like Jamin’ Leather, yes we do.