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How to Condition and Maintain Your Leather Goods


Have you cared properly for your leather goods that might be hanging or sitting in your closet? Jamin’ Leather wants to make sure your leathers are taken care of whether you bought it from us or not. The above video will give you insight as to what you might need or use for your leather goods, like your leather jacket, chaps, boots, vest, shirt, skirt or any other leather product needing a bit of extra attention.

Most leathers, after you purchase them, have no need to be conditioned or slathered with oil. This might actually hurt the product or at the very least ruin the look of the product. After conditioning or oiling your leather, it can appear drab, tone can change and the feel may change drastically as well. It is true that all of the products offered in the video and online are good on BLACK leather, but you must be careful not to overuse or prematurely use any of these products on any new articles of leather. The tanning process now-a-days conditions the skins so well that the only thing you may need to do is use an oil or conditioner for those items riddled with overuse like extreme sun damage or extreme dry conditions and storage.

COLORS on the other hand, may be limited as to what kind of conditioners you can or should use on it. I am actually talking about old articles of leather clothing. Colors can darken, appear blotchy, their color can totally change, feel weird to the touch, and the finished look could be very undesirable. Be sure to read the label of the product you choose before using it.

Lastly, stains including oil and ink generally NEVER come out and using more product to try and get it off will do more harm than good. It might not be worth the money or labor to try. Let’s put it this way, if you can’t put a patch over it, don’t bother! Surface dirt cleans off nicely with a damp cloth in most cases. Well, sorry! I didn’t mean to be so negative in this article, but with over 40 years of manufacturing, designing and selling leather goods experience I think I have a pretty good idea of that to expect before you start.

We at Jamin’ Leather just want you satisfied with your leather so you keep wearing it wherever you go, or at the very least, want you to take a good look at what leather items you have that need help and decide if leather care is the right thing for you to do to save money on any future leather purchase.

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P.S. Next week, I will talk about storage and touching up your leather goods.


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