Leather wench here your one and only source into Myrtle Beach’s Leather world.  I don’t know about Wretched Rojo but I myself think that I am a very colorful person. I love bright colors. Especially pink, purple, green, blue, and yellow. My absolute favorite color is purple. I even have a new car that is an awesome shade of purple and it has SPARKLES! I love sparkles, my beautiful diamond ring is just so shiny 🙂 Being a girl of course I went through many different colors throughout my life. My room was at first barbie pink, with barbie wall paper and stickers. Yes I said wall paper. Seems like forever ago. Then once I outgrew barbie I had it painted a dark purple color with a purple blue and green comfortor. That was througout my middle school years. Once in high school that purple had to go, so I chose Neon Green. Which I still don’t understand why I did but hey I was young and dumb. Once I got bored of that I chose a lighter purple with zebra print sheets. I love animal print! Cheetah print is my signature look 🙂 So being that I love colors, when I first came to Jamin Leather I noticed all of the colored leather. Didn’t really know that there was a lot but we have a little bit of every color.





Some of these items I own 😉 

Whats you’re favorite shade of leather?


Leather Wench