Less than four weeks until Daytona Bike Week and time is running out to get your gear to ride safely there. Not sure if you are going? We have compiled a comical list of the top reasons why you should attend and why it’s best to wear leather!

Why Wear Leather to Daytona?

  • Covers that tacky polo shirt until you get yourself a 2012 Daytona Bike Week Shirt.
  • Leather will increase your chance of a getting laid by 50%.
  • Protect yourself from the little old lady in her ’67 Dodge Dart who can’t see over the steering wheel!
  • The natural smell leather can help cover up that nasty stench of body odor.
  • It does get chilly at night… even in Florida.
  • Real bikers will point and stare (that is if they don’t beat you up first).
  • Leather will bring out your inner “Bad Boy” (and the color of your eyes).
  • Your ass never looks fat in leather pants.
  • You will fit right in! [more]

Why Bother Going to Daytona Bike Week?

  • Hot guys on hot bikes (for the gals).
  • Beer, babes and boobs (for the guys).
  • See lots of drunk-n-horny women who are barely dressed (guys again).
  • Body paint (guys again).
  • See lots of drunk-n-horny men (well, maybe that’s not unusual).
  • You deserve a temperature change.
  • Live music, swap meets, rodeos and special events.
  • Your friends will be there.
  • Because you ARE the Tourist Attraction for that week!

Joking aside, we know how important it is to look and feel good as you experience the rally. Jamin’ Leather has an awesome selection of leather motorcycle apparel and accessories at value prices. Shop with us before you begin that long ride to Daytona. You not only will look great, but have plenty of money left over to enjoy the fun. Have a great time at the rally!