Leather wench here. Your one and only source into Myrtle Beach’s leather world. Not only is it wet down here in dirty Myrtle, it has been hot and muggyyy! Last summer was a scorcher and this summer may not be too far behind it..

You know it’s Hot When…

  • You need a spatula to remove yourself from that lounge chair.
  • Hot water comes out of both taps.
  • You volunteer for overtime because your work is air-conditioned.
  • The vegetables from your garden are already cooked when you pick them.
  • The birds are using potholders to pulls worms from the ground.
  • You burn your fingers when you unzip your jeans.
  • Chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs.
  • Cows are giving evaporated milk.
  • Your car overheats before you start it.
  • Your shoes stick to the asphalt when you cross the parking lot.
  • You look forward to visiting your Mother-in-law in Alaska.

Now I know I just talked about rain, but you know its wet when:

  • You need a lifeguard to cross the street
  • Your dog takes one look outside and says oh hell naw and runs back to his cage
  • You have a beach front house and you live in Kansas
  • Your neighbors are showering outside
  • Ducks take cover indoors

Thought those were a quite funny and yes I did come up with those myself.

Till next time yall