Leather Wench here. Your one and only source into Myrtle Beach’s leather world. Its the 4th ya’ll and you know what that means! FIREWORKS! Now me being a little girly girl, I don’t really care for the noise, never have. I do like the pretty colors though. Once I even worked at a firework stand with my cousin and his step dad. Now that was an interesting time! Of course these past two 4th of July’s I have been in my FAVORITE (sarcastic much?) place of all time. Thats right, Jamin Leather! Before I started this job this is how my normal 4th of July went,

  • Wake up and soak up some sun
  • eat lunch with the fam
  • head to good ol Marion to celebrate my aunts birthday
  • stuff my self silly with good homemade food
  • watch safely from inside the house while my uncle and grandpa set off fireworks with my cousins

Thats a little insight of my life. Keep cool this fourth of July by sporting your white and blue leather! 



Since we don’t have red, you’ll have to incorperate that on your own.

Alright ya’ll I’m out. Until next time…