Everyone loves the Super Bowl so much, so we decided to celebrate with Jamin’ Leather’s Pigskin Event. In addition to the quality cowhide, deerskin, lambskin sheepskin and buffalo leather products we are famous for at Jamin’ Leather, we also have a variety of products made from the same product footballs are made out of… pigskin! View the large variety of fashionable and affordable pigskin leather garments and accessories. And for your entertainment here are a few thoughts to share with your party goers that will make Super Bowl Sunday even more fun…

How to Enjoy the Super Bowl If You Hate Football

  • Kick back and enjoy the drunken antics of your family and friends.
  • Eat, eat and eat, then snack some more until your pants get tight and then eat some more.
  • Start a beer pong tournament while the game is on (can’t miss the commercials)
  • Boot up the computer and shop for some pigskin!
  • Turn the volume up during the commercials.
  • Wait until everyone hits the buffet, change the channel, hide the remote and watch the resulting panic.
  • Serve some of our PIG snack suggestions and YouTube the reactions! [more]

NON-Pig Snacks for the Super Bowl

  • Fried dill pickles with ranch dressing
  • Chili and cheese loaded nachos
  • Spicy chicken wings and cold beer
  • Dog food (Roxie’s family recipe)
  • Tater salad (nickname of Justin’s girlfriend)
  • Pigs in a blanket and spicy mustard
  • Swedish meatballs and Jell-O shots.

Pig Snacks for the Super Bowl

  • Pork rinds (dried pigskin)
  • Pork bellies (fatty belly of pig)
  • Head cheese (pig head in jelly)
  • Boiled pigskin (chewy thick plump pigskin)
  • Fatback (salt cured fat from back of pig)
  • Chitterlings (pig intestines)
  • Pigs knuckles (eeeww)
  • Pigs feet (eeeww again)
  • Pigs ears (maybe for the dog)
  • BBQ pigtails (whatever!)
  • Canadian bacon (good eh?
  • Rocky mountain oysters (oh that’s bull… sorry)

Other than this Pigskin event, what is your favorite way to enjoy the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments below.