Leather Wench here, your one and only source into Myrtle Beach’s Leather world. Here today I have with me The Cat Lady. We are going to talk to here to see what she does here at Jamin Leather. And yes we are going to get ALL the details from start to finish.


Cat lady starts off her day by taking her lovable dog out for a little walk. After walking the dog, she goes inside and cleans her kitty cats litter box. (Hence the name Cat Lady 😉 ) Of course after doing that dirty job, she showers. After she is squeaky clean, her loving cats need to be fed. (Just so they can make her clean the litter box again.Then, its her turn for food and she cooks a healthy breakfast which normally consists of buttermilk biscut and chocolate milk. Out the door she goes after breakfast! Cat Lady rides in her Jeep Jeep for about 20 mins while listening to 80’s music while on the way to Jamin Leather!


Once here, she deposits her jacket on her desk, and makes herself comfy. Depnding on which day it is, she has different tasks. But generally its all the same at the end of the day. TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMER. Thats right, your read that correct. Cat Lady is here to take care of you!! But while she is a very awesome customer service representative, she is also a bangin’ photo editior! Cat lady certiantly does have an eye for beautiful things. (Like leather of course!) And thats not all folks, she is also our social media wench! After a long hard day in the office, she heads home to walk her dog and eat dinner. While she is a leather wench like me, she also does her own photography business on the side.


Thats all for now. Sorry ya’ll if you fell asleep. Tune in next time for something interesting.


Leather Wench